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Mastering Planning Applications Responses: Local Councils

Mastering Planning Applications Responses: Local Councils' Training Wed, 17 Jul 2024, 7pm Online Event

Published: 13 Jun 24

Join Alison Eardley for this Planning event that takes you through your responses for Planning Applications. Not to be missed if you have any input in the Planning Process at your local council Read More...

Advanced Planning: Biodiversity Net Gain Training 3 July 2024 7pm Online Event

Advanced Planning: Biodiversity Net Gain Training 3 July 2024 7pm Online Event

Published: 13 Jun 24

BNG is an approach to development. It makes sure that habitats for wildlife are left in a measurably better state than they were before the development. In England, BNG is mandatory under Schedule 7A of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 (as inserted by Schedule 14 of the Environment Act 2021). Developers must deliver a BNG of 10%. This means a development will result in more or better quality natural habitat than there was before development. Alison Eardley will take you through best practice for this event Read More...

Introduction to Planning for Local Councils - Online Event 27 June 2024 UPDATED DATE!

Introduction to Planning for Local Councils - Online Event 27 June 2024 UPDATED DATE!

Published: 13 Jun 24

Our Planning Events are back! This online workshop is being held in the evening. Take a look at our Eventbrite link and book yourself on to this one soon! Read More...


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About Us

The Kent Association is a not for profit membership organisation serving member Parish, Town and Community Councils and Parish Meetings (Local Councils) in Kent and Medway. Our membership is currently 314 out of a total of 321. Membership is open to all Local Councils in Kent and Medway for a subscription agreed at the Annual Meeting. As the first tier of local government closest to their communities, Local Councils have a key role to play in shaping their localities with the Government's drive to devolve power and decision making to local people through the Localism Act 2011, the Cities and Local Government Devolution Act 2016 and changes in the Audit Framework, it is becoming increasingly important that Councillors and Clerks are better informed and are provided with the tools and knowledge to help them undertake their roles as efficiently and effectively as they can.

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