Community Awards

The aim of the Community Awards Scheme is to acknowledge and give recognition to those that have made a significant contribution to their local community. It is a voluntary Scheme to give member Councils the option to adopt the awards scheme in their local area. We recognise that some member Councils already have their own Community Award Scheme in place and in those instances the KALC Community Award could be used as an additional award to present with their own one(s). The KALC Community Award would ideally be presented at Parish and Town Council Annual General Meetings in May 2022. The attached link outlines the scheme:

2022 KALC Community Awards Scheme - Outline 
Press Notice - 2022 KALC Community Awards Scheme 

Also attached are links to two template nominations forms we have devised for your information and use. One is for completion by the Parish/Town Council to send to us, and the other is for completion by the residents of the Parish/Town Council which you can adapt to your requirements if the Council decides to seek nomination from local residents. The Parish Council may want to make their own decision as to how they want to identify those that have made a significant contribution to the community, for example, you may already know who that person might be or you might decide for example to invite nominations from your community with the winner being the one with the most nominations. In this instance you would then send us the name of the individual with the most nominations and outlining what significant contribution they made to the local community. 

 Chairman of KALC    Vice Chairman - Kent County Council

2022 KALC Community Awards Scheme - nomination for Residents  
2022 KALC Community Awards Scheme - nomination form 

In order for us to produce the Certificate and have it signed by the High Sheriff of Kent, KCC Chairman, Mayor of Medway and the KALC Chairman, we will require those member Councils that adopt the Scheme to provide us with the name of the person and the reason for their Award by Monday 14th February 2022 (e-mail to so that we can return the completed Certificate to the Council in time for their 2022 AGM.

High Sheriff of Kent

Mayor of Medway