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NALC Parliamentary Briefing on Levelling Up and Regeneration Bill

NALC Parliamentary Briefing on Levelling Up and Regeneration Bill

Published: 10 Jun 22

The National Association of Local Councils (NALC) has briefed Members of Parliament on the Levelling Up and Regeneration Bill, setting out some of the key issues and implications for local (parish and town) councils and highlighting several concerns. The Bill aims to drive local growth, empower local leaders to regenerate their areas, and ensure everyone can share in the United Kingdom’s success. Read More...

Making Kent Safer 2022-25

Published: 24 May 22

The Police and Crime Commissioner must produce a Police and Crime Plan that sets out his vision and priorities for policing and community safety, as well as the objectives and ambitions that Kent Police will be held to account on. This Plan is called Making Kent Safer and runs from 2022-2025. Read More...

The Queen's Speech 2022

Published: 12 May 22

Those legislative proposals of direct relevance to parish councils (at first glance) include: Levelling Up and Regeneration Bill pp 25-26. Transport Bill pp 30-31. Non-domestic Rating Bill pp 39-40. Product Security and Telecommunications Infrastructure Bill pp 43-44. Procurement Bill pp 52-53. Data Reform Bill pp 57-58. Renters Reform Bill pp 67-68. Read More...

NEW Publication - JPAG 2022 Practitioners Guide

Published: 5 Apr 22

NALC has published the JPAG 2022 edition of the Practitioners Guide. This edition has updated section five on the non-statutory guidance for Clerks and RFOs. Read More...

AGAR 2021-22

Published: 30 Mar 22

PKF Littlejohn have updated their website with the information and AGAR forms for the completion of the AGARs 2021-22 Read More...

National Salary Award 2021/2022

Published: 4 Mar 22

NALC has been informed that the NJC for Local Government Services has agreed the new rates of pay applicable from 1st April 2021. Please read the briefing regarding backpay for employees who have left employment since 1st April 2021. Read More...

Government confirms Section 137 Limit 2022/2023

Published: 15 Feb 22

The DLUHC has notified the NALC that the appropriate sum for the purpose of Section 137 (4) (a) of the Local Government Act 1972 (the 1972 Act) for local (Parish and Town) Councils in England for 2022/2023 is £8.82 per elector. This is the amount as a result of increasing the amount of £8.41 for 2021/22 by the percentage increase in the retail index between September 2020 and September 2021, in accordance with Schedule 12B to the 1972 Act. Read More...

KALC Statement - Planning for Climate Change

Published: 16 Nov 21

KALC statement on Planning for Climate Change which has just been sent to the local media and Kent and Medway MPs. Read More...

Training and Event Pages

Training and Event Pages

Published: 29 Sep 20

More events added for June, July and September. Take a look at our Event page! Bitesize events are also available on a rolling basis. Just enough to learn in an hour... Read More...