Chairs & Councillor Training

With the growing importance of local councils and frequent changes in legislation, it is important that Councillors maintain and enhance their skills base to help enable the Council to be fully effective and make a difference in its community. Our courses provide a firm foundation and a longer-term path for personal development.

We provide a comprehensive range of training for Chairmen and Councillors and some examples of courses that we offer are set out below.

C101: The Dynamic Councillor: Challenges and Opportunities

C111: The Dynamic Councillor: A Workshop Module

F101: Finance for Local Councils: An Introduction Module

F111: Making Local Finance Work! A Workshop Module

P101: Planning for Local Councils: An Introduction Module

P111: Making Local Council Planning Work! A Workshop Module

C201: Chairing a Meeting

C202: Professional Conduct

In recognition of the pressures facing local Councillors and the growing need for technical knowledge, we have developed Councillors Development in the Modern World.

This has been designed to identify helpful pathways for Councillors to follow as they seek to enhance their knowledge and skills base.