The Learning and Development Programme consists of free standing modules which can be grouped:


Foundation level (Introductory for Members and Officers (Clerks))


Specialised level (Themed courses for Members and Officers (Clerks))


Generic (Broadly based skills courses for all involved in Local Councils)


The following are available on demand by area, (minimum 12 delegates: maximum 25). The modules are often only available in combination as below and you should allow 3 hours for a typical two module combination. Typically this will be a half day or evening event. In the case of the CILCA modules the parts are run in half day mode between 9.30 am - 12.30 pm.


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The modules can be taken singly to strengthen a perceived weakness in an individual’s skills or knowledge base or a student can take them progressively over time. A Clerk who completed  (O101) and (O111) followed by (F101) and (F111) and then (P101) and (P111) would have an impressive grounding in Local Council law and procedure and have a firm grasp of finance and planning law. This would then leave the officer well placed to proceed to the CILCA and professional recognition. If this was then consolidated with generic or more demanding courses on governance (CO301) or project management (F202) the officer will have a very impressive portfolio.


In the case of Councillors professional development will be less relevant; but it is clear that to be effective Local Councillors must maintain and enhance their skills base and our courses provide a firm foundation and a longer term path for personal development.


In all cases our courses are designed to be progressive and will be expanded on demand and in relation to our resources. It is our intention to invest in a booking system that will also allow us to ensure that we provide courses as efficiently and as reactively as possible


Freedom of Information: Access to Information [G101]

Freedom of Information: A Workshop Module [G102]

Data Protection Act: Control of Data and Local Councils [G103]

Data Protection Act: A Workshop Module [G104]

Minutes and Records Management for Local Councils [G105] (Double)

Time Management and Efficient Working [G202] (Double)






Councillors Development in the Modern World

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